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Troy Hoffman - Head Coach

About the Team
Like every year, there are struggles and reward. 2013 will never be forgotten for the fact that there is a big gold ball in the trophy case to serve as a reminder. There were many struggles along the way. The biggest was the floods in 2013. Many days of hard rain in Colorado caused the Platte River to flood. This cause a lot of roads and bridges to close thus splits our team apart. Some of the team on the south side of the river and were able to make it to the school. Others were on the north side and unable to make it much of anywhere. This flooding not only separated the team from each other it also left people in our community with much cleanup and work to do to try to get there life’s back to normal. This flooding also caused a cancellation of our game against Sterling. However, with the events at hand, Platte Valley was able to pull together. After bridges reopened, the players carpooled with each other in order to make it to the non-mandatory practices. After all this, we had to try to pull together in time to beat brush. We were unable to get the job done and lost our only game. However, after that we pulled together and won every game from there on out. Then the playoffs came around. Platte Valley got to host the first playoff game against Ridgeview Academy. Next came Bennett. Then came our first challenge of the playoffs, Manitou Springs. Even though it was a grave challenge, the Broncos persevered and won. Now the final game of the year, Faith Christian. Platte Valley was up for the challenge. We hosted the 2A State Championships and won at a final score of 28-19. The Platte Valley Broncos won their latest State Championship in 2013, and have been 2A State Runner-ups in 2015 as well as 2018.
Trevon Wehrman
Brendan Bunting
Roberto Lara
Ernesto Rios
Tyler Gutierrez
Max Gorham
Devin Bullinger
Angel Martinez