Tonya Davies - Head Coach

Faith Fetzer - Assistant Coach

Kaira Alvarez - Assistant Coach

Morgan Agripino - Assistant Coach

Team of the Year
Platte Valley Volleyball

We want to be the best team and program that we can be. We will be a competitive team in our league and in the state. We will make it as far into state playoffs as possible, as the ultimate goal of this level of play is a 3A state championship. Our purpose is to improve the skills and abilities of young volleyball players, while building strong character that leads to successful futures. We will attempt to instill a love of the game in each player and will attempt to help our players reach their next level of play. We expect 100% effort from our players at all times. We strive to build excellence in scholarship and character in each of our student athletes. We will hold ourselves and our program to the highest standards of work ethic, training, performance, and sportsmanship. We will be a program/team, not individuals. We will focus on support the team and program goals above individual goals. We will support Platte Valley and all of the school's goals. We will represent Platte Valley and our program with pride throughout the community by being good role models, displaying appropriate behaviors and positive attitudes, and having an intense and focused work ethic. We will do our best to work harder than our competition in an attempt to reach further success. We will honor tradition and honor the Broncos.