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Welcome to the Counseling Department! Your school counselor is Mr. Lindsey and your registrar is Mrs. Ellicott. As a team we work to support you in your social/emotional, career/college, and academic needs. We work with students, with parents, and with teachers to support students and create a healthy environment.

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3 months ago

By Christopher Lindsey

The Common Application

The Common Application allows students to apply to a number of colleges through one application.  For a listing of colleges using the Common Application, go to  To use this application, you will need to create an account on this site and follow the instructions.  
Individual schools may also require a supplement to the Common Application.  These supplements are available through the Common Application, but you have to be alert to click on the link that connects you to the supplement if it is required.  Forgetting supplements can result in processing delays and possibly missed deadlines. 

Western Undergraduate Exchange

What is the WUE and how does it work?

WUE (pronounced "woo-wee") is the Western Undergraduate Exchange and it is coordinated by WICHE. WUE is a regional tuition-reciprocity agreement that enables students from WICHE state to enroll in some 145 participating two- and four-year public institutions at 150% of the enrolling institution's resident tuition. WUE is the largest program of its kind in the nation and has been in operation since 1987. WUE is not a short-term exchange--it is meant to be used for a full degree.

How can I apply for reduced tuition through the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)?
If you are a resident of one of WICHE's 15 member states (which includes Colorado) or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, you are eligible for consideration for reduced tuition rate offered at more than 150 participating WUE institutions. To be considered for the WUE rate, apply directly to the WUE institution(s) of your choice.

Read the institution's WUE profile for the WUE eligibility requirements and if you still have questions, contact the institution's WUE administrator as indicated in the profile. Although some institutions automatically consider applicants from a WICHE state for the WUE rate, many require that you request special WUI rate at the time of application for admission, or that you apply for the WUE rate through their scholarship or financial aid office.

The WUE reduced tuition rate is NOT automatically awarded to all eligible candidates. Most institutions limit the number of new WUE awards each academic year, so apply early!